Media Planning/Buying Request

The purpose of this questionnaire to have a better understanding of the scope of work of the project in order to provide a more precise estimate of work including time and costs and/or to plan and execute a media buy.
Describe client and any background information (campaign description) pertinent to the objectives. Include past results, creative, what worked, what didn’t work, etc. Is this part of a larger campaign or a one-off initiative?
Overall campaign and media objective if applicable
Any specific requests are are you looking for my recommendation?

Target Audience

A more specific audience will be recommended but the points below are useful as a starting point or noting any must-have segments.
Zip, city, county, country, state, DMA
Gender, age, behaviors, etc.

Creative Assets

List sizes and functionality (print ad size, spot length, digital rich media, standard static, HTML5, text ads, video, audio etc.). If creative is ready, feel free to send samples with this completed request.
If using digital ads, include the URL all ads should link to including any analytics tracking that will be used.

Social Media Accounts

List your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. accounts. Only used if this is a new campaign and access to accounts is needed.

More Info

What is the main metric that will be used to measure success? Examples: CTR, CPC, sales, conversions, engagements, downloads, phone calls, leads, site traffic, etc.
Will this be tracked by Google Analytics or other tracking programs?
Research, strategy, media plan and buy? Do you need a flowchart, PowerPoint presentation, recommendation via email, etc.?

Your Information

Any other notes or questions